Shane Munro

Born 1978 in Belgrad, former Yugoslavia, today Serbia. He studied at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham; CRC College, Cambridge; Anglia Ruskin University,Cambridge and Staedelschule, Frankfurt a.M He lives and works in Frankfurt a.M

Untitled (Endless Column and Skylark Rocket) is an installation by Shane Munro, which towers above an empty lot formerly occupied by the Technisches Rathaus, the former offices of the city’s technical departments. Here the last British Skylark-research rocket stands encased in scaffolding and pointing towards the sky as if on a launching pad. Skylark rockets were developed beginning in 1955 in conjunction with the British space program, and they were used for research flights through 2005. 

Munro has together with the artist Florian Auer also installed an office in a previously unused side-room of the Kunstverein, where he intends, as artist-entrepreneur, to develop and promote various ideas for reinvesting in the rocket. 

Munro’s title plays on the Endless Column by sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Measuring almost 30 m high, Brancusi’s imposing totem was erected in 1937 / 1938 as a commission of the Gorj Women’s League in commemoration the fallen soldiers of World War I. The thin, towering column made from rhombically shaped components is an early icon of the avantgarde and served as a point of reference for minimalist positions in the 1960s. Munro refers to Brancusi’s rhombic building blocks in the scaffolding constructed for the rocket. However, formal concerns are merely superficial. Above all, Munro activates the underlying subtexts of the different fields of knowledge he brings together.            


SHANE MUNRO, Untitled (Endless Column and Skylark-Rocket), Modell 2010
Simulation of caffholding, Skylark-rocket
Dimension variable
Installation view; Photo: Axel Schneider, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main (c) and Courtesy the artist
Sponsored by the Mobile Raketen Basis (MoRaBa) of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt und vom Esrange Space Center of the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)

Frankfurter Kunstverein